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About Us

Fort Lauderdale, Florida's IT Support Experts

LSeven Solutions is a national provider of IT Outsourcing and Managed Service Solutions. Since 2001, LSeven has been one of the leading IT support companies in Florida. We began as a small computer repair business serving the small and medium sized business community.

Today, we've grown into a national Outsourced IT support company. We've helped thousands of companies by serving as their outsourced IT department or augmenting their existing staff. LSeven Solutions allows its clients to gain maximum value for their IT investments while allowing them to fully concentrate on their core businesses.

We have the best customer retention of any company in our industry and have won numerous awards for our products and services. Our customers can feel assured that LSeven's solutions will provide every aspect of its business with a controlled and structured, quality assured process.

LSeven Solutions's Managed Service Plan ensures:

  • Proactive Care - Dedication to the prevention of data loss and other business technology disasters before they happen
  • Round the Clock Maintenance - 24/7 access to remote & on-site server remediation services at a flat monthly rate 
  • Live Help Desk Support - Fast and reliable IT solutions provided 24x7x365 for your business users 


Give those hours wasted on IT problems back to your employees and create a lasting impression on your clients through superior technology services and customer care.

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